Up Do Hair

This here, is one of my latest pieces of work but instead of using a model, I had to make do with my training dolls head (which makes it awkward). This is a smooth and sleek, unique sort of bun style with some loose twist/knotting at the front of the head. I did this on the spur of a moment, winging the whole things I had no inspiration to begin with but sometimes, you come up with the most creative styles that way. What do you think of the style? Let me know.


I am so excited. I just got my tickets to the UK leg of Lady Gaga's upcomming tour. Bring on October! 

Friday Night

This evening I went out for a lovely meal with friends to celebrate the birthday of Lucy! We went to a little Gurkha restaurant and it really was such a laugh. Not a lot goes on these days, I spend most of them working and internet time has dwindled down to pretty much nothing but hey ho.. I update Instagram the most.
I want to wish Lucy and Sara a happy birthday for tomorrow too!
Goodnight xoxo


Nothing special in the ways of hairstyles that I've created on clients but here is a fishtail braid I did on Katie the other day after freshly colouring the purple in her hair again. I love fishtails, the messier and roughed up they are, the better. There are plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube, if you're willing to learn to do one on yourself, take a look!


I mentioned that I went out with a couple of friends for NYE and here's some photos from our night of celebrating :)

January 1, 2014

It's the first day of another brand new year and last night, I went out with a couple of friends, hitting the town and a night club to see in the new year! I had good company and we all had a hell of a laugh with it. Did you celebrate? As far as new years resolutions go, I don't have any as of yet, I can never think of anything decent besides 'weight loss' but seeing as that is a constant on going battle, it doesn't really class as one in my eyes.
Here's to another 364 days!


A quick post just to say, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I wish you a happy new year. My Christmas was quiet but lovely and tomorrow I'm going shopping with a friend, we're going to see what the sales will bring us! ;) maybe I can find a new dress for NYE as I'm planning to go out. Enjoy the rest of the year! 

Christmas Meal

It's that time of year again where all the Christmas meals begin. Sadly we don't have a work one because it's only my mother and I there, wouldn't exactly be a party lol. However, we had a huge family one, seeing as there is so many of us on my mothers side. It was a brilliant meal, delicious food at a new Indian restaurant, a secret Santa round of presents and a few games played to earn another gift! It was a laugh and I got to wear my new Aztec dress. Fancy that. If you have any upcomming Christmas meals or parties, have a fabulous time!

Hobbit 2

I got to see this incredible movie on Monday, with my brother. I've been so excited to see it since the first Hobbit movie came out, last December. It lived up to it's expectation but how could it ever not? Really. Truly amazing film, it was great to see Legolas back and I was impressed with Tauriel too. I love the Elves. Apart from them too, I was glued to every bit of action as well as the beauty of Bard's face (played by Luke Evans), you have to see this film. 


Here is the most recent set of acrylics I've done, I realise that it's been a while since I posted a new set. My client wanted a festive feel to her nails for her Christmas work party but also a colour to match her outfit, so here we have gold, glittered tips on acrylics.



Whoops. I've accidentally neglected this place since I saw Imagine Dragons last month. A couple of weeks ago actually. It wasn't intended, been pretty busy with working hard, Christmas shopping and generally life as I've been settling into my new bedroom.
To anyone who reads, I hope you're well, updates to come.

Imagine Dragons

Last night, my brother and I went to see Imagine Dragons, live in Birmingham (if you don't know who they are, you need to look them up!). They're one of my favourite bands at the moment, there's not a single song I don't like and seeing them last night, made me like them even more. They nailed every song, even did an amazing cover and were genuinely so grateful for their fans and overwhelmed by the fans response, it really was a brilliant gig. I'll see them again soon. 


On Monday, I went shopping with a friend, we needed a good catch up and hang out, so what better way to do so than over a Starbucks and shopping? Now I like a good deal, in fact I love a good deal, a bargain, whatever. I got a new skirt on sale in HM for just £2! Now all I need, is an excuse to wear it somewhere, the cold weather won't stop me.


Sweet, sweet Autumn. A few pictures from my walk I took over the weekend, I love all of the different colours and shades you can see during the fall. It's breathtakingly beautiful. 

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